Our Early Teachers...

How many of us can remember our first grade teacher? Can we remember our second, third, and fourth grade teachers? The responsibility and privilege of be in children’s ministry is not to be taken lightly. Dear Jesus, may we make an impression on the lives of our children.

In my prayer time, and devotions this week, I have found myself thinking how God – creator and king – came to earth as a man and experienced things we humans experience. He loved, he had compassion, he would get tired, and he would be thirsty and hungry. He would weep over a dying friend. He became angry over situations. He felt dedication and respect from his followers, yet he felt loneliness. He felt rejection from people he wanted to be near. He felt physical pain even before he went to the cross by being whipped and given a crown of thorns.

And yet his love was so strong for us that he followed through with the great commission that was his and his alone to do. He followed through that we might be reconnected with the Heavenly Father! It is almost as if his love grew for us by experiencing our low human state.

We all want to be as Christ-like as possible, especially when working with our children. What a great role model. He gave his followers love and compassion and saw the potential in his fishermen and tax collector friends.

Like remembering the impression our first grade teacher made on us, may we make an impression on our children to reach their highest potential in an eternal relationship with God.

Brian Burris